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FACT: More people have been deported under President Obama than under any other president. 

19684_491113740936910_1397952706_nimage by Victoria Bouloubasis

Despite the hype about comprehensive immigration reform, we can smell the horse manure from miles away. We continue to get calls from people in our community who are getting deported. Mothers like Lorena and Maria Juana, fathers like Isaias, grandfathers like Miguel, and dreamers like Flavio, are the gangbangers President Obama has tried to deport.


This was taken at McLeansville Elementary School. It is a note Maria Juana Perez dropped off at the front desk explaining why her daughters, 9 year-old Nayely and 7 year-old Blanca, missed school the previous day. They were at Senator Hagan’s office asking her to help stop their mother’s deportation. Maria Juana was set to be deported 6 days from the day this note was written. 

You see, as undocumented youth who belong to undocumented families, we cannot afford to wait around for comprehensive immigration reform to happen. We at the North Carolina Dream Team have decided to take matters into our own hands. We are securing our own families and in doing so, we plan to secure our own community.

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On Sunday, February 17th, NCDT members and our families gathered for an afternoon of information and preparation. We shared with our parents and aunts and uncles and cousins the work we have been doing in the past year. Our families had heard about our work but there’s nothing like bringing them all together. Everyone left with an emergency packet ready to go in case of an arrest by the police or ICE. You see, it is not only us - undocumented youth - who want to no longer remain in the shadows. Our entire families want to no longer remain in the shadows. And it’s our responsibility as undocumented youth to inform and prepare our families for whatever may come. We are our own voice. We are our own power!

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If you are interested in having a Secure Your Own Community training, get in touch with Cinthia Marroquin. That’s her in the picture above. You can email her at

February 14, 2022



Cinthia Marroquin:  919-985-5868
Mayra Aguilar:  919-995-6650

Deferred Action Beneficiaries Respond to NCDOT Secretary Anthony Tata’s Announcement

Raleigh, NC—February 14, 2013 North Carolina immigrant youth welcome the announcement from NCDOT Secretary Anthony Tata to re-issue drivers licenses to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) beneficiaries.  The announcement is a belated victory for undocumented youth throughout North Carolina who have been organizing to publicly demand that Anthony Tata execute his responsibilities as Secretary of Transportation without discriminatory and predatory practices.

While the announcement is a positive one, immigrant youth and North Carolina’s Hispanic community must remain vigilant of these types of political tactics that marginalize communities and add to the anti immigrant rhetoric that has become a staple of local politicians. Mayra Aguilar, a DACA beneficiary and young mother organized her community to rally outside the Department of Transportation. She states, “ the decision to deny such drivers licenses has clearly been politically motivated from the beginning and moving forward we expect better from the leadership of this state and their treatment of the Hispanic population”.

Of note in the announcement is that licenses issued to DACA beneficiaries will have a clearly marked label to indicate the card holder does not have lawful status. This is of concern for practical and economic reasons but especially for the prevailing anti immigrant tones.  Today, a group of DACA beneficiaries were not allowed to be at the press conference and had to wait outside. These youth sought accountability from Anthony Tata and he ignored them on his way out.

This kind of continued treatment towards the Hispanic community is unfair.

“We will have zero tolerance to being used as political pawns when it comes to the safety of our communities” says Cinthia Marroquin, a DACA beneficiary and lead organizer for the NC DREAM Team. “We know this is politics as usual… moving forward, the NC DREAM Team welcomes a better reception from the leadership of this state and especially from our Governor, Pat McCrory who can show true leadership to move NC forward”.

The NC DREAM Team is committed to organizing the immigrant community. Both Democrats and Republicans in the state have a responsibility and stake in this matter.



The NC DREAM Team is an organization composed of undocumented immigrant youth and allies. We are dedicated to the creation of a sustainable, community-led immigrant rights movement in North Carolina. We aim to help undocumented youth recognize our individual and collective power to activate our communities. We also aim to create awareness of the broader struggle for social justice. We do not shy away from purposeful direct action and civil disobedience in the pursuit of a more just future for our immigrant community.

On Tuesday, January 22, immigrant youth from all over NC will march to the NC Department of Transportation building to demand they overturn the ban on driver licenses for DACA holders. Click here for details. If you can’t make it tomorrow, you can help by signing the petition and making calls to NC DMV commissioner Eric Boyette. A sample script is included in the petition so you can leave the commissioner a clear message that you stand with immigrant youth. He has the power to fix this and should do so immediately. Having licensed drivers makes our roads safer and, in turn, our state. Immigrant youth who have been granted deferred action have been given a permit to work, let them drive!

Meet Jackie Aguilar, a dreamer from Raleigh and one of the organizers of today’s event. She’s protesting not just for herself, but for her friends as well.

“Many of my friends were already approved for DACA. We were given a permit to work, let us drive!” - Jackie


DREAMer Jackie Aguilar, Class of ’08

My name is Jackie. I’m a dreamer who grew up in Raleigh since I was 8 years old. I graduated from William G. Enloe High School in 2008 with honors. Even though I have had a difficult life after high school and struggled through a society that doesn’t accept me, I still hold aspirations of getting a degree and a job I deserve. To me, nothing is more important than an education and I have always demonstrated that to my younger siblings. I try to be the best for them. Getting a driver license will make my life easier. It will allow me the ability to drive to school and to work without fear of getting pulled over and arrested for driving without a license. Here in Raleigh, people are deported when they’re arrested for driving without a license. I helped organize Tuesday’s rally because, as Attorney General Cooper already clarified, DACA holders are entitled to a driver license. To the NC DMV: Stop holding our licenses hostage. We have been given a permit to work, let us drive! If you stand with us, sign the petition demanding we get our license back. You can help by making calls to NC DMV commissioner Eric Boyette too. Thank you!

Looks like our state’s new administration already started off on the wrong foot.

Nolicenses4illegalersLt. Governor Dan Forest

According to Lt. Governor Dan Forest, ”a person entering the United States illegally should not be afforded the privileges reserved for US citizens”. So, there you have it. Lt. Governor Dan Forest does not support DREAMers and our communities. Shame on him!

Despite the recent statement made by Attorney General Roy Cooper clarifying that DACA eligible youth meet the requirements to obtain a license, the DMV has refused to change its discriminatory policy!

We urge everyone to continue to make calls to the DMV demanding that they issue licenses again. If you haven’t signed the petition, sign it and spread it widely!

Call the NC DMV directly and tell them that Attorney General Cooper has clarified DACA holders possess legal presence. Tell him the DMV’s requirements to obtain a driver license should reflect this immediately!

Eric Boyette (NC DMV Commissioner) - (919) 861-3015

Sample script: “Hi, I am calling to ask that the NC DMV adhere to the statement made by Attorney General Cooper saying DACA holders have a right to obtain driver licenses by NC state law. I ask that this official statement be reflected in the DMV’s requirements for driver licenses immediately. Thank you.”


Roy Cooper, abogado general de Carolina del Norte, ha declarado qué jóvenes indocumentados recipientes de la accion diferida cumplen con los requisitos para obtener una licencia. Pero el DMV se rehúsa a cambiar su póliza discriminatoria.

Es muy importante qué continúen sus llamadas al director del DMV exigiendo qué restituyan las licencias a los jóvenes ahora. Vuelva a firmar la petición y compartala!

Llamen al Comisionado del DMV Eric Boyette directamente  - (919) 861-3015

Sample script: “Hi, I am calling to ask that the NC DMV adhere to the statement made by Attorney General Cooper saying DACA holders have a right to obtain driver licenses by NC state law. I ask that this official statement be reflected in the DMV’s requirements for driver licenses immediately. Thank you.”

For all media inquiries, email or call Cinthia at (919) 985-5868.


Attorney General Roy Cooper announced today that DACA holders do bear legal presence and are therefore entitled to obtain a driver license under North Carolina State law.

After public outcry and pressure from immigrant youth and our supporters, we will get our license back! We just got official notice from the office of Attorney General Roy Cooper:

“It is therefore our opinion that individuals who have been granted deferred action under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy directive are lawfully present in the United States during the period of deferment. As such, N.C. Gen. Stat. 20-7(s), which states that DMV shall issue a drivers license of limited duration to person who present valid documentation demonstrating deferment and meet all other statutory requirements, requires that such licenses be issued.”

This was problematic from the beginning as it is by North Carolina law that DACA holders can obtain a driver license. Let this be yet another example that when we stand up and fight back together, we can make clear demands to any government agency. We are our own voice! Somos nuestra propia voz! We are our own power! Nosotros tenemos el poder!

Now, we ask that this official statement from Attorney General Cooper be reflected in the NCDMV’s requirements to obtain a license immediately! 


It’s been stated by the NC Department of Transportation, that licenses will no longer be given to those who are DACA eligible and has revoked those that have already gone out. But that doesn’t mean we should give up or that we are powerless to change what’s happening.


A march is being planned for this Tuesday, Jan. 22 at the North Carolina Department of Transportation, 1 S Wilmington St., Raleigh, NC. There’s a Facebook event with all the details. Click here to confirm your assistance or to send immigrant youth in NC a message of support! 

If you can’t make it, start an event in your city demanding this backwards policy be overturned. We’ve also created a petition with the numbers of those people who can make things right. Sign the petition, call as much as possible, and spread it widely.


Attorney General Roy Cooper has the power to overturn this policy. In fact, the NCDOT is waiting for clarification from him that DACA holders do bear legal presence. Give him a  call and ask him to give us our licenses back!

MAKE A CALL: (919) 716-6400

Sample script: “Hi, I am calling to urge Attorney General Roy Cooper to reverse the backwards policy of denying driver’s licenses to recipients of deferred action. According to NC state law, all it takes to get a driver license is legal presence. Please reinstate the issuance of driver licenses to DACA holders now.”

In the meantime, the NC DMV has changed their requirements to obtain a license, specifically excluding DACA holders (code c33). This is senseless as it keeps immigrant youth from driving to the same jobs they’ve been authorized to work at. Make one last call!

NC Department of Transportation - (919) 707-2800

Sample script: “Hi, I’m calling to urge NC Department of Transportation Secretary Tony Tata to reverse the backwards policy of denying driver licenses to recipients of deferred action. They have been authorized to legally work, let them drive!”

Believe us when we say, this is only the beginning if things don’t change, and FAST. We’re not letting this go without a fight, and neither should you.

If there was a question whether DMVs across NC were denying drivers licenses to deferred action beneficiaries or not, ask no more. We woke up to clarification yesterday when this stance became official. The DMV has updated its website reflecting the Department of Transportation’s intolerance of immigrant youth.


Let’s take a look:

Listed below are acceptable documents you can use as a non U.S. Citizen.

  • I-551 Permanent Resident Card
  • Machine Readable Immigrant visa
  • I-766 Employment Authorization Card (must not reflect C33)
  • Temporary I-551 stamp on I-94 or Passport
  • I-327 Re-entry Permit with supporting immigration documentation
  • I-94 Arrival/Departure Record
  • I-20 accompanied by I-94
  • DS-2019 accompanied by I-94
  • I-571 Refugee Travel Document with supporting immigration documentation
  • I-797 Notice of Action
  • I-521L Authorization for Parole of an Alien into U.S. with supporting immigration documentation
  • I-220B Order of supervision with supporting immigration documentation

The I-766 Employment Authorization Card (C33) is what is being issued to deferred action (DACA) receipients. Here the Department of Transportation / DMV specifically targets immigrant youth. They have claimed to media sources that the wording of legal presence vs legal status is confusing to them and they are unsure about the legality of issuing us drivers licenses. So they are seeking the opinion of Attorney General Roy Cooper and USCIS.

But why deny us licenses if all NCDOT needs is clarification from USCIS? And why now? It’s plain discriminatory! As we have pointed out before, deferred action has existed long before it was known as the directive from President Obama. Those who have been granted deferred action in the past and currently have no problem obtaining a license. But all of a sudden if you’re a DREAMer granted deferred action, you’re out of luck. Once again, we are used as political football. We cannot and will not remain silent!


Turns out the NCDMV has decided to put a hold on issuing driver licenses to Deferred Action beneficiaries. Remember when we were cautiously optimistic after President Obama’s June 15th announcement? This is precisely why.

Apparently, the NC Department of Transportation has contacted USCIS asking if having deferred action means you have legal status or not. USCIS has stated that who gets drivers licenses is up to each individual state not the federal government.

In the meantime, there is no law stating DACA beneficiaries cannot obtain a drivers license. This is only an internal policy that is not written down anywhere. We suggest you go to the DMV when you receive your work permit and social security number. Let us know how it goes. Email Jose Rico at with your name and city/county where you live so we can keep track of what individual DMVs are saying. 

We’ve recently gotten word of a scam in Charlotte, NC stating that the deadline to apply for Deferred Action is February 28, 2022 and to go visit their office for help. We want to make it perfectly clear that this is FALSE. USCIS has NOT released any deadline to apply. Applications carry deadlines because an updated one is released by USCIS every few weeks. If you need assistance on your Deferred action application, go talk to a licensed attorney, NOT a notary. If you have trouble finding an immigration attorney you feel comfortable with, email us at We may be able to point you in the right direction.

Recientemente nos enteramos de un fraude en Charlotte, NC diciendo que la fecha final para aplicar para la Accion Diferida es el 28 de Febrero del 2013. Incluso dice que si uno es elegible, vayan a su oficina o les llamen para asistencia. Queremos aclarar que este anuncio es completamente FALSO. USCIS no ha dado ninguna fecha en la que se acabe accion diferida. Las aplicaciones individuales tienen una fecha porque cada par de semanas sale una version nueva. Si usted necesita asistencia en su aplicacion para accion diferida, hable con un abogado, NO con un notario. Si quiere ayuda para buscar un abogado confiable, mandenos un correo electronico al


Maudia Melendez, Director of Jesus Ministry Inc, telling youths to call or visit her office to apply before the “deadline”

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