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For media inquiries on the case of Lorena Yanez-Mata, contact Jose Rico at (919) 802-0508. 

As of 4:30 pm this afternooon, an immigration judge in Charlotte signed an order to administratively close Lorena Yanez-Mata’s case. This would not have been possible without your petition signatures, emails, and calls. Thank you all for your support!


Time Warner Cable never put out a statement in support of Lorena despite the fact that they were the reason she and her daughter went through this nightmare. So before you switch to Time Warner Cable, think again! Send them one last email telling them to put out a statement in support of their illegal immigrant customers. Jack Stanley is the TWC Triad Region President: Also email Susan Leepson, their communications representative:

If you’re illegal, you could be the next Lorena. It’s up to all of us to hold companies, like politicians, accountable. We are the reason they have their millions and they need to treat us with the respect we deserve as consumers and human beings. Let this be an example for us all that just because we’re illegal and cannot vote, does not mean we are voiceless and powerless. We are our own voice. We are our own power. Never forget that.

ATENCION ILEGALES: No Contraten Servicio de Cable con Time Warner - Los Van a Deportar!


Tell ICE that Lorena is a low-priority case that should be closed immediately because all she wanted was cable service!


Single mother Lorena Yanez-Mata (A# 205-214-279) could be separated from her 7 year old US citizen daughter tomorrow when she goes before an immigration judge in Charlotte. Yesterday, Time Warner Cable announced the company “has no interest in charges being brought against Ms. Yanez-Mata”. TWC remains responsible, however, for the deportation proceedings of Ms. Yanez-Mata. Lorena told Time Warner staff when signing up for cable over the phone that she did not have a legitimate Social Security number but the representative told her to use the false one she uses for work purposes and to come into the store to finalize the application. Sounds like a set up to us.

Time Warner Cable issued a statement saying it does not routinely turn over customer’s information to law enforcement. So, why is Lorena in deportation proceedings again?

Email Time Warner Cable at and and urge them to do the following:

- TWC should tell ICE to immediately close Lorena’s case because she should not be in deportation proceedings in the first place. TWC should release a statement of support for Lorena before her upcoming immigration court date on December 13th (TOMORROW at 8:30 am @ Immigration Court: 5701 Executive Center Drive, Suite 400. Charlotte, North Carolina 28212)

- TWC should also tell Senator Kay Hagan to intervene in the case of Lorena. Senator Hagan has the power to write a letter of support for Lorena addressed to ICE telling them to exercise favorable prosecutorial discretion.

Don’t forget to SIGN and SHARE the petition too!

Thanks for your support!

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