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El Representante Cleveland del Condado de Onslow es el mismo legislador detras de la propuesta de ley en contra de la matricula consular y las propuestas de ley anti-inmigrantes del año pasado. Nosotros lo conocemos como “El Abuelo Cleveland” porque es un señor de edad avanzada que podria ser abuelo de todos nosotros en el NC Dream Team. Y al parecer, es un señor que todavia no reconoce que Carolina del Norte no es el mismo estado que era hace veinte años.

La propuesta de ley HB 218 es una propuesta para prohibirnos acceso a los colegios y universidades a nosotros los jovenes indocumentados en Carolina del Norte. Es muy probable que no pase a ser ley esta propuesta. Pero es importante saber quienes son aliados de la comunidad inmigrante y quienes no. Al igual que nuestro Sub Gobernador Dan Forest, el Representante Cleveland no es un aliado.

Uriel has gone without food for a whole week now. ICE has refused to drop the hold. Uriel needs your support now more than ever. We need to see you at the Vigil for Uriel this evening. It starts at 6:30 pm in front of the Wake County jail. 

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Undocumented youth across NC are dropping the fear and taking a stand. We’re coming out about our immigration status because our communities are under attack. This is what Uriel did last Wednesday. He stood up for us and we will stand up for him until he is released. You see, it’s tough to be in that jailhouse. So we need your support, not just in words, but in action. Join us this evening at 6:30 pm in front of Wake County jail. The address is 330 South Salisbury Street in Raleigh. Members of the triad-based immigrant youth group El Cambio will be there. Giovanna, Silvia, and Eric, youth who have also refused to eat until Uriel is released, will be present at this vigil. They too need your support at this time.

If you can’t make it tonight, but want to support, consider making a donation for Uriel’s bond here.

Remember to SIGN and share the online petition, as well.

Thank you for your support!

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