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The anti immigrant group, NC Listen, made a call today, to all anti immigrant people in North Carolina, to mobilize tomorrow at 10 am at the General Assembly in Raleigh. The topic: HB786, which if approved as law, would grant driving permits to certain undocumented immigrants in our state.

The call to anti-immigrants by Director Ron Woodard states the following:

“The Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly just passed a bill out of the Judiciary committee to give illegal immigrants a driver’s license permit and the bill also guts our earlier E-Verify bill to protect jobs for citizens in North Carolina. I know it’s hard to believe but the state Republicans will make this actual law if we don’t stop them very soon.”

Right wing extremists like Ron Woodard are not putting the safety of North Carolina first. Their anti-immigrant rhetoric doesn’t move us forward. Undocumented immigrants are as much a part of North Carolina and it’s economy as he is.

There are many parts to this bill that are problematic. But things are already bad. Proof of this, are the families and individuals affected by deportation and the way they were put in deportation proceedings. Racism and discrimination already exist. The deportations for something as simple as not having a drivers license already exist. The separation of families by the detention and deportation of immigrants already exist. Immigrants with illnesses without access to to adequate medical care and treatment already exist. Things are already bad. The question is, are we willing to allow things to continue this way? Or do we want change?

We at the NC Dream Team want change and we will negotiate with Democrats and Republicans to achieve it.

One thing we do agree on with anti-immigrant and director of NC Listen, Ron Woodard, is that you should not wait for someone else to change things for you. You and I, undocumented and all, have a voice and have the power to change our situation. Change is in our hands. To start, sign the following petitions and help stop deportations. Today it is them, tomorrow it might be you.

Youth coordinator of Immaculate Conception Church in Durham, Fabiana Palomo, is currently detained in an immigration jail in Georgia. You can find more details about her case in the petition. If the federal government is so committed to immigration reform, why is Fabiana detained? Sign and Call!



Jose Guillermo fell into deportation proceedings after a minor car accident. The police asked for his license and since he didn’t have one, he was arrested and taken to jail. These are the consequences for not being able to obtain a driver’s license. His deportation is set for May 23rd. For him and all the cases that we’re unaware of, we are willing to negotiate with Republicans for driving permits, even if they have restrictions.



For all media inquiries, contact Jose Torres-Don at (512) 744-8804.

NCDOT announced today DACA licenses will no longer have a pink stripe, will keep "No Lawful Status"

NCDOT announced today DACA licenses will no longer have a pink stripe, will keep “No Lawful Status”

“No Lawful Status” with “Legal Presence”? Regular license instead of pink license? None of that matters because we are no longer afraid! 

by Jose Torres-Don

As an undocumented DACA eligible youth I welcome this license as an opportunity. For us it has not been about what color our drivers licenses are. The truth is that our fight for the DACA drivers licenses has been more about empowerment in our everyday lives to take control of who we are and not let anyone tell us what our place is or is not.

We are taking these licenses knowing that the biggest and most important battle is the one in our head that leads us to our own individual liberation independent of politicians, policies (or lack of), anti-immigrant groups and anything and anyone in between.

Ultimately our perseverance comes from knowing that we are valuable and that no matter how negative the anti-immigrant rhetoric is, we are human beings and we will no longer engage in the dehumanizing process of living in the “shadows”…something that politicians on both sides of the aisle have advanced. We do not need a specific color on a license to tell us, and the rest of North Carolina, who we are. We are undocumented, we are no longer afraid and do not wish to hide that neither by being silent nor by being issued a regular license.


We seek to drive without fear, to challenge the idea that we should remain in the shadows and to challenge the idea that this is about an “us” vs “them”. Instead, we want to have a real and honest conversation about how being undocumented is a problem and how we can find equitable and reasonable solutions that work for North Carolina. We look forward to having a bigger conversation about the enlightened self-interest for people in public office to not be bullied by radical anti-immigrant groups and instead see the value in moving North Carolina forward that is inclusive of the Hispanic community. We cannot promise the “hispanic vote”, we won’t promise that to any party, however, the national leadership of the GOP has signaled where the starting line is for Republicans of reasonable minds. It starts with seeing the value of the opportunity over the issue of immigration and proactively bidding for a broader base.


Cinthia Marroquin and Jose Rico will be speaking shortly at a press conference held by sponsors of House Bill 184, a bill proposal led by Democrat house members at our state’s legislature that asks for DACA licenses that look like everyone elses, without the pink stripe and without the red label “No Lawful Status”.

As undocumented youth tired of the friendly but weightless rhetoric of Washington, D.C.’s Democratic leadership that preaches immigration reform but continues to deport and separate our families, we hope our state’s local Democratic leadership is not too late to stand on the side of NC’s immigrant community. In 2005, when Democrats controlled the legislature they kept a proposal for in-state tuition for undocumented students from passing. It’s been 8 years since then. What we call for today is bipartisan leadership to move North Carolina forward. Both Democrats and Republicans have a stake in this matter.

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