Mission Statement

The NC DREAM Team is an organization composed of undocumented immigrant youth and allies. We are dedicated to the creation of a sustainable, community-led immigrant rights movement in North Carolina. We aim to help undocumented youth recognize our individual and collective power to activate our communities. We also aim to create awareness of the broader struggle for social justice. We will escalate in our efforts to achieve a just reform that is acceptable to-and guided by-the voices of those directly affected by our broken immigration system.


As North Carolinians, we are committed to the empowerment and education of our community. It is to the community-and to the community alone-that we are accountable; we are not responsible to outside stakeholders, investors or politicians.

The current federal policy, which demands that the government accept our tax dollars with one hand while deporting our loved ones with the other, is unjust. We will address the hardships which immigrants face at their root causes. We are dedicated to building an immigrant rights movement that puts the voice of the immigrant at the forefront.

We do not shy away from purposeful direct action and civil disobedience in the pursuit of a more just future for our immigrant community.

Our movement is sustainable. Our movement is community-led. Our movement fights against the institutionalized discrimination and exploitation of our communities.