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VDARE, one of the hardest-nosed anti-immigrant screed machines out there is calling out the Tanton Network for being “cowardly conservatives” unwilling to own their racism. After a lengthy piece on the founding of FAIR and its white supremacist connections in the New York Times, its founder and architect of the “Tanton Network”, John Tanton, stepped down.

According to VDARE, this aquiecense, the fear of being called a racist-or being associated with racism-is unpatriotic. True “immigration patriots” like themselves have to be willing to stand up for what they believe.

What Bush—and all pusillanimous progressives and cowardly conservatives—are doing is valuing the opinions of their enemies. They are hoping that by paying a sort of Danegeld to the “anti-racist” left, they will stop being hated.

It’s not going to happen.

While VDARE may not think so, being a racist is bad-it’s an outlook that is no longer tolerable. But I’m not going to go into what the right thinks about tolerance, other than to say that free speech ought to be a defense of last resort rather than the knee-jerk response it goes for today.

Before getting too off-topic, this little dust-up started when IMAGINE2050 protested against the FAIR-affiliated Progressives for Immigration Reform. Tanton had once urged progressive groups like the Sierra Club and Planned parenthood to turn against immigrants in the name of population control. PFIR is a movement in that same spirit. VDARE buttresses that strategy by scapegoating immgrants as the reason for higher poverty among African-Americans on average. Why African-Americans should accept their position on the bottom of America’s economic totem pole, VDARE leaves as a given. Nevermind that 95% of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are white-the would-be black CEOs didn’t lose their jobs to immigrants. Being progressive while being retrogressive on immigration fails to see how it fits into the bigger picture.

After the Georgia protest against HB 87, in which undocumented youth gained the support of serveral black Civil Rights leaders, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran an article making the same argument against black-brown unity that VDARE is making. The logic behind it new—Arizona Neo-Nazi JT Ready suggested that a white-black alliance be made to fight the higher-priority Jews. In this period of ever-shifting racial, ethnic and geographic boundaries, nativists are having a little bit of an identity crisis themselves, or at least trying to make sense of a world in which “native” means much less than it used to.

The author of the VDARE post, James Fulford, believes that to harden onesself against insult, “you need to have a certain contempt for the insulter”. Lucky for us, it’s easy to have contempt for racists. Luckily also: most of society agrees.

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