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After the outpouring of community support, Time Warner Cable has told Lorena Yanez-Mata (A# 205-214-279) and her attorneys that her charges have been dropped.

In a statement sent over email, TWC said the following:

“TWC has no interest in charges being brought against Ms. Yanez-Mata.”

This is great news as it means your calls and emails have made the difference. However, Lorena still remains in deportation proceedings. Her second immigration court date is in just 2 days. Lorena could be torn apart from her 7 year old US citizen daughter simply because a TWC representative felt it was necessary to set up Lorena for deportation. So, we still need your help to make sure Lorena and her family can put this behind them and spend the holidays together.

Email Time Warner Cable at [email protected] and [email protected] and tell them Lorena and her daughter still need 2 things from them:

- TWC should tell ICE to immediately close Lorena’s case because she should not be in deportation proceedings in the first place. TWC should release a statement of support for Lorena before her upcoming immigration court date on December 13th (in TWO days!)

- TWC should also tell Senator Kay Hagan to intervene in the case of Lorena. Senator Hagan has the power to write a letter of support for Lorena addressed to ICE telling them to exercise favorable prosecutorial discretion.

Lorena YANEZ-MATA & daughter

Also, if you haven’t yet, SIGN and SHARE Lorena’s petition! And we hope you’ll make it out to today’s rally at the Time Warner Cable office where Lorena was arrested: 316 Huffman Mill Road in Burlington at 3 pm. 

Thanks for your support, y’all!

by Viridiana B. Martínez

I recently ran across the case of Stephanie Nickerson. She’s a 25-year old Black mujer who was beaten by a Durham Police officer. She was chillin at her friend’s house when the police showed up. Stephanie told her friend she didn’t have to open the door. The officers had no search warrant.


Sign the Petition!

Things escalated. Before she knew it, Stephanie was being slammed to the ground, held by the neck, and punched in the face and head. Stephanie had just become a victim of police brutality.

Whatever your stance is on the level of authority law enforcement has, we can all agree that Officer Brian Schnee had no reason to even touch Stephanie. Stephanie’s friends and family and the Durham community are asking folks to sign the petition asking Durham Police Department to immediately drop all charges against Stephanie, suspend Officer Schnee while a full and independent investigation takes place, and file assault and battery charges against the Durham police officer.


As an illegal immigrant mujer, I know too well the many ways in which local law enforcement abuses of its power. About six months ago, I met an illegal immigrant woman at Broward Detention Center by the name of Laura Cartagena (A# 078-922-847). Laura is detained at BTC after a Miami police officer entered her home, beat her down, and arrested her. Laura was visited by an investigator at Miami Police’s anti-corruption unit. He told Laura she had no charges, took photos of her bruises, and asked her why she is still being detained. Laura remains held at Broward Transitional Center where she could be deported any day despite being eligible for a U-Visa.

Sign Laura’s Petition here!

Both Stephanie and Laura are now dealing with the trauma of being beaten and completely stripped of their humanity. The consequences of what these two mujeres of color are dealing with may not be the same; justice for Laura has not even begun to happen as she’s still detained and faces deportation every single day. However, the common denominator in these cases is that both of these women, like many women of color, are the victims of a racist criminal system that funnels our communities into prisons and detention centers. You can shout and rejoice every single day because our president is black and blah blah blah. But what good is that if our communities are STILL criminalized?! What good is that if our communities are STILL marginalized?! What good is that if the officer who attacked Stephanie is still “protecting and serving” the Durham community and Laura is still facing deportation to a country where she could be killed?!

As the directly impacted by this broken system, we must unite and we must fight back.


Miguel Tzitzios was being held at North Georgia Detention Center despite being a low priority case. So much for Obama keeping his promises. But with your help we were able to do it. Miguel was released from North Georgia TODAY, after almost 2 months in detention! Thank you to everyone who signed the petition, made the calls, and supported him in every way possible. This proves the power we have as a community! We will keep you updated on his case. Thanks again for taking action! 

His daughter Cristina Tzitzios sends this note:

Primero le quiero dar Gracias a Dios porque sin el nada de esto estaria pasando. Pero tambien le quiero dar gracias a todos los que nos apoyaron en esta dura jornada! Sin sus llamadas, sus firmas, y el apoyo esto no hubiera sucedido. Gracias NC DREAM TEAM, you guys are amazing and do great things for families like mine!! Porfin termino esta pesadilla y mi papi estara con nosotros esta noche! La fe es lo ultimo que se pierde! I love y’all!.”

Miguel was released from North Georgia Detention Center, the same state where several other families are being held.  Take Marisela’s case for example, ICE showed up at Marisela’s home in October asking for her cousin. She was taken into custody after providing her consular ID card and is now being held at Irwin Detention Center in Georgia. Marisela is a DREAMer and sole provider for her US citizen daughter.  President Obama has said he is not deporting DREAMers. So why is Marisela still detained?

So make sure to SIGN and SHARE the petition to release Marisela! Make sure to call ICE to tell them to release her immediately. Let’s bring Marisela home for Christmas!

David Salazar (A# 205-214-528) has been in isolation at York County Detention Center for 20 days now.

David Salazar with his wife and children

Reason: His initial tuberculosis test showed postive. However, York County Detention Center has denied him a chest X-Ray which would give a true diagnosis. Furthermore, David is not receiving any kind of treatment or medication. He is wearing no face mask either. Why is David still in isolation after more than 2 weeks?

Take Action!

Call ICE - York County Detention Center (803) 628-2924 and DC - John Morton (202) 732-3000

Sample Script: “Hi, I’m calling to ask ICE to move David Salazar (A# 205-214-528) out of isolation at York Detention Center. He has been arbitrarily held isolated from the general population for more than 2 weeks based on his initial TB test that showed positive. David should undergo further medical exams to confirm he is TB positive and should receive the medical treatment he needs.”

Additional Talking Point 

“If David is indeed TB positive, he needs treatment not detention. He is a low-priority case. Release him now.”

After you call, share this post with 5 friends! 

Thank you for your support!

On November 12th, Pablo was on his way back home from work when he backed into a car. Pablo drove off thinking no damage was done to the car he backed into but frightened because he doesn’t have a driver’s license. He can’t get one. He’s undocumented.

The police showed up at his apartment later that night looking for him. Pablo was arrested for No Operators License. He is currently sitting at Wake County Detention Center with an ICE hold.

According to the President Obama’s Morton Memo, Pablo meets the requirements for prosecutorial discretion. Pablo has been in the United States since 2005 and he has no criminal background. Why is he still detained with an ICE hold?

Act NOW!


Call Wake County Detention Center at (919) 255-7111 and DC ICE at 202-732-3000!

Sample Script: “Hi, I’m calling to ask that ICE drop the hold on Pablo Caballero-Montoya (inmate #1043830). Pablo is committed to working hard so he can sustain his wife and children who are in college. He has nothing but a No Operators License charge. Please remove the ICE hold and release him immediately.” 

Baltazar Sanchez Acosta

Baltazar Sanchez Acosta
A#: 225-213-693
Detained since May 2012

Baltazar is a DREAMer who was being held at Stewart Detention Center despite being DACA eligible. So much for Obama keeping his promises. But with your help we were able to do it. Baltazar was released from Stewart on Tuesday afternoon, after 7 months! Thank you to everyone who signed the petition, made the calls, and supported him in every way possible. This proves the power we have as a community! We will keep you updated on his case. Thanks again for taking action!


Baltazar sends this note:

“Les quiero dar las gracias a todas las personas que me ayudaron de todo corazón muchas  gracias. Especialmente a Cinthia Marroquín por todo su apoyo durante el proceso. Les estaré muy agradecido por siempre sin su ayuda todo prácticamente hubiera sido mucho mas difícil! MUCHAS GRACIAS de parte de mi y mi familia.”

I would like to thank every single person from the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone that supported me. Especially to Cinthia Marroquin for all the support she gave us during the whole process. I will be forever grateful, because without y’alls help it could have been even more difficult. THANK YOU VERY MUCH on behalf of my self and my family.”

Baltazar was released from Stewart Detention Center in Georgia, the same state where several other families are being held.  Take Miguel’s case for example, Miguel was on his way to work when he was stopped by the police. He was pulled over for expired tags and when asked for ID provided his expired NC driver license. The officer proceeded to ask Miguel for a valid ID, saying that the expired license was not enough. So Miguel showed him his passport. The officer proceeded to arrest him and charged him with driving with an expired license and fraudulent ID? Yes, that is a question mark. Miguel has since then been transferred to North Georgia Detention Center where he has been held for nearly a month. According to John Morton’s memo from June 2011 this case is just as low-priority as Baltazar’s and Miguel should be released immediately.

Another Low Priority Deportation: 1 Year Old
Grandson Needs Miguel Home!

We are working really hard to bring attention to more low priority cases and hope you’ll help us by getting the word out. So make sure to SIGN and SHARE the petition to release Miguel! Make sure to call ICE to tell them to release him immediately. Let’s get him released!

by Cinthia Marroquin

In recent years, Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) has elevated their efforts to deport as many undocumented immigrants as possible.This agency of the federal government has been able to do so by switching their tactics. Moving away from the most common work place raids of previous years, people are now being funneled through the criminal justice system. This has empowered local law enforcement to focus their energy on identifying and detaining undocumented people. Thanks, Obama administration! 

Take Reyes case for example. On December 2011 Reyes borrowed his friend’s car to go to work. A police officer  checked his plate and saw that the owner of the vehicle had an expired license.  He proceeded to stop Reyes and asked him for his drivers license. The officer arrested Reyes after he was unable to provide a “proper” identification. Besides his two other no license tickets, Reyes has no criminal record. He is now in deportation proceedings. Despite being low priority under the Morton memo, Reyes has become a high priority for us. When we see a police officer driving alongside us, we should feel safe, not vulnerable.

Reyes Merlin Alfonsin (A# 200-678-149)

Reyes is originally from Mexico and came to the Unites States in 2005. Reyes like many immigrants who arrive here, came to seek opportunities that will position them where they hope their struggle will only be a memory and no longer their day to day reality. He has been living in North Carolina for almost 8 years and has built his life in this country. Returning back to Mexico is no option for him.
According to the memo issued by Jon Morton, Reyes case is considered a low priority and should be granted favorable prosecutorial discretion. If deported, Reyes will be separated from his wife and his two US citizen daughters. 
This is just one example of hundreds if not thousands of cases wherein minor traffic violations cause individuals to experience the nightmare of being separated from their family. Reyes life does not have to be uncertain, we as a community can help him and the many who are in similar situations. People should not be treated as less than human simply for trying to make a living and when they contribute to the vital life of a nation built on immigration.


Viridiana was able to call in live on to the Democracy Now! program to speak about Broward Transitional Center where she is currently detained.

Listen in here for a longer, more in-depth interview.

And be sure to sign here to demand a full and complete review of each detainee at the Broward Detention center and that all low-priority detainees immediately be released and their cases administratively closed.


June 4, 2012

[email protected]

NIYA Demands Executive Order to Stop Deportations of DREAM Act-eligible Youth

Prosecutorial discretion has failed—deportations of DREAMers continue

DENVER—The National Immigrant Youth Alliance is calling for the President to issue an executive order to stop the deportation of DREAM Act-eligible youth. We simply cannot continue to allow our lives to be held up by petty partisanship and congressional gridlock.

We need the strength of an executive order to stop our deportations. Prosecutorial discretion has not stopped them; NIYA has continued to fight tooth and nail for many young people who meet the criteria to have their cases administratively closed under the June 17 Morton Memo. At present, NIYA is fighting over 30 active cases that meet these criteria.

Many cases move forward into removal proceedings simply because ICE field offices disregard prosecutorial discretion. ICE agents are not under any obligation from their superiors to do otherwise. Even in Denver, Colorado, where the field office is participating in a pilot program for prosecutorial discretion, ICE agents denied Hugo Zarate’s request for deferred action, even though he is DREAM Act-eligible and suffers from rheumatic fever.

We have lost hope for immigration reform during the current period of congressional gridlock. As well, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has continued to expand programs like Secure Communities and 287(g) and deportation levels remain at record levels.

We hope that our call for an executive order has not fallen on deaf ears in the White House. If the Administration does not issue an executive order, we will be forced to respond with direct action in the coming days. The administration, by not taking action by means fully within its power, keeps our lives on hold. That position, for us, is no longer acceptable.


The National Immigrant Youth Alliance is an undocumented youth-led network committed to achieving equality for all undocumented youth. We have member organizations in Alabama, California, Colorado, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington and have relationships with activists throughout the entire country. We are the only independent national organization of undocumented youth. Through advocacy, grassroots organizing, direct action and civil disobedience, we will develop a sustainable movement for justice and equality led by those most affected and supported by committed, conscientious allies.

Estamos recibiendo muchos reportes de que agentes de inmigracion y otros policias que buscan el arresto y detencion de personas indocumentadas estan en Jackson County, NC. Mas especificanmente, en el pueblo de Cashiers, NC. PASE LA VOZ! 

We are receiving MULTIPLE reports that ICE and other police specifically targeting undocumented people is out in Jackson County, NC SPECIFICALLY the town of Cashiers, NC. If you’re in NC, please SPREAD THE WORD.


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