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Listen to yesterday’s broadcast here. It’s a lively discussion.

The underpinning of Gheen’s argument is that immigrants are to blame for corporate interference with American politics.

As far as “attrition” being humane, here’s something to remember:

attrition (əˈtrɪʃən)
— n
[...] constant wearing down to weaken or destroy (often in the phrase war of attrition)

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Viridiana and Jose Rico havedrawn a line in the sand. Along with six other undocumented youth, these two sat down on Courtland Street in downtown Atlanta and refused to leave. After giving speeches both at a coming out rally and while they blocked the street, police arrested seven of the eight who sat down. They have been taken to the city jail.

Read the CNN here.

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Last Friday, a bill that would allow in-state tuition for undocumented students in Colorado has been approved by the state Senate Education Committee.

Senate Bill 126 would allow in-state tuition, but not government financial aid. One attorney based in Denver (CO), Tim Paynter, says that this bill should be used as an opportunity to stop cyclical poverty for immigrant youth.

“It is a chance to break the chain of poverty handed down from one generation to the next. Many youths who go to college work hard to pass the opportunity along to their own children, hence improving society. Sadly, for undocumented youth, such dreams remain the luxury for others.”

(Follow his blog here to find out more of what you can do.)

While States like Colorado and Virginia are moving forward, North Carolina and Georgia are falling behind. If you haven’t taken action against the college ban in North Carolina (HB 11), call House Speaker Thom Tillis at 919-733-3451 (or toll free at 800-567-2285).

Sign the petition against HB11 in North Carolina.

Also sign the petition against Georgia’s HB 59.

By Alicia Torres

The Education Committee, which will see HB11 (the bill that would ban undocumented immigrants from attending public colleges and universities) will meet tomorrow, February 8 at 10am. Call everyone in this committee and let them know that as a North Carolinian you want to slam shut the doors on HB11, not aspiring youth.

Fax: 919-733-2599, 919-733-3113 , 919-715-5815


Chairman: Bryan Holloway (former educator) 919-733-5609

V. Chairman : Martha Alexander 919-733-5807

Marilyn Avila 919-733-5530

Tricia Cotham 919-715-0706

Mark Hilton 919-733-5988

Linda Johnson 919-733-5861

James Langdon (former educator) 919-733-5849

Marvin Lucas (former principal) 919-733-5775

Representative George Cleveland (R – Onslow) has introduced HB 11, a bill that would ban undocumented immigrants from North Carolina’s public universities and community colleges. The NC DREAM Team is asking for opponents of this bill to call Speaker Thom Tillis (R – Mecklenburg) and urge him to prevent the bill from making it to the House floor (call 919-733-3451).

Yesterday a member of the NC DREAM Team sent an e-mail expressing their disappointment in the legislation. “It is saddening that one of our state’s representatives would go out of their way to deny a segment of our state’s population the right to educate and better themselves,” said Ian Smith-Overman, the member who sent the e-mail. “I believe your decision to sponsor this bill is short-sighted at best and vindictive at its worst.”

Rep. Cleveland responded within five hours. “I find it revolting that an American thinks that we should financially support people that cannot legally work in this country through taxpayer subsidized education,” he said. “If you feel so strongly about this issue find an illegal and pay for their education at a private university.”

The response from Rep. Cleveland demonstrates that he is not aware that the North Carolina Department of Revenue collects income tax from undocumented immigrants using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, or ITINs, which have been issued by the Internal Revenue Service since 1996. The NC DREAM Team believes that undocumented immigrants not only have a right to attend public post-secondary education in North Carolina, but should also only pay in-state tuition as tax-paying state residents.

While the North Carolina economy depends heavily on immigrant labor, particularly in the agriculture and meat-processing industries, the state has continued to march toward policies that harass the communities working in those industries or prohibit their economic advancement through education. In the past ten years, agreements between immigration officials and local police departments that expand police power such as 287(g) and Secure Communities have continued to proliferate across the state; drivers’ licenses are no longer issued to immigrants without visas; and undocumented youth who most often had no say in their migration to North Carolina as minors are forced to pay out-of-state tuition and register last in community colleges.

Yesterday we demonstrated our vigilance for education rights in front of the NC Legislature. The legislature has answered by following South Carolina and Georgia and proposing to ban undocumented youth from community colleges and universities. The new legislature is wasting no time in showing that recreating a two-tiered society in America is one of its top priorities.

This is nothing short of segregation. This state collects tax revenue from undocumented immigrants using ITINs issued by the IRS, which gives them a material right to the seats in class they have paid for. But before that, they have a right to be educated as human beings.

Our state insists on using undocumented immigrant labor and taxing undocumented immigrant wages, but also claims that undocumented immigrant youth cannot sit in the classroom.

Call House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg) at 919-733-3451 and ask him why tax-paying, hard-working immigrant youth shouldn’t be allowed to go to college in North Carolina. Tell him you never want to see this bill make it to the floor.


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