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Orfilia Sagastume-Reyes of Thomasville, NC is currently set to be deported on June 7, 2012. She is the mother of a US citizen honor student. Orfilia fled political persecution and death threats in Guatemala to the United States with her family in October 1990, following the assassination of her brother. In 1993, Orfilia applied for asylum in the US. Based on the erroneous advice by a previous lawyer, Orfilia and her family withdrew their asylum application, which resulted in an order of deportation. Since then, Orfilia has been trying to fix her status, without result. Orfilia has resided in the United States for 22 years and is the primary caregiver of a minor US citizen child. She has no criminal record, not even a traffic ticket.

Orfilia Sagastume-Reyes has no criminal record, not even a traffic ticket. Why is ICE determined to deport her and the Obama administration refusing to stop the deportation of this mother?

If ICE re-opens her case, she will be eligible for a Green Card. If she is deported, her son will likely have to go with her, taking him away from his country and destroying his chances of a high quality education. If her son stays here, he will be in the custody of Social Services. If deported, Orfilia will not be able to return to the US for 10 years.

Please help keep this family together by taking action:

1. Call ICE - John Morton @ 202.732.3000

Sample Script: ”Hi, I was calling to ask that the deportation of Orfilia Sagastume-Reyes (A # 073 189 266) be stopped. Orfilia has been living in the United States for the past 22 years and is the mother of a U.S. citizen. She is eligible for adjustment of status if ICE lifts her deportation order. According to the Morton Memo, Orfilia is not a priority for deportation and should be allowed to stay. Don’t deport Orfilia - lift her deportation order and allow her to stay in the U.S.”

2. Sample Tweet: #Obama to deport Orfilia, mother of US citizen minor. Tell @wwwicegov to STOP the deportation of Orfilia!

3. Sign and spread the online petition:!

Thank you for your support!

We need to you sign this petition against North Carolina’s HB11, which would ban undocumented students from attending public colleges and universities in North Carolina. Amazingly, it wouldn’t stop taking their tax money that helps pay for public services. You can also call NC Speaker Thom Tillis at 919-733-3451 or toll free at 800-567-2285.

Georgia needs you to sign this petition against HB59, a bill that would do the same in that state.

Yesterday, Virginia won its battle to keep the school doors open. So can we.

This is great news.

HB1465, which would have required public colleges and universities in Virginia to write policies denying enrollment to undocumented immigrants, was decisively shot down today in the state Senate.

Isabel Castillo, who graduated magna cum laude from Eastern Mennonite University in 2009, gave testimony on the legislation before the Senate Courts and Justice Subcommittee (Video via VA Interfaith Center):

The Committee also shot down House Bill 2332, which would have required local law officials to enforce federal immigration law. No small victory there, either.

Castillo is a co-founder of DREAMActivist Virginia, which along with us is part of the new National Immigrant Youth Alliance. Castillo was also one of several DREAMers arrested during a sit-in in Washington D.C. last year. If you’re on Facebook, take a minute to congratulate Virginia on their victory.

Don’t forget that we’ve got to win against HB11, a bill here in North Carolina that would do the same thing as HB1465. Sign the petition To help bring the victories southward.

Georgia also needs your help. Sign this petition to fight against HB59.

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