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Call Wake County Detention Center at (919) 255-7111, Wake County ICE at (919) 255-7200 and DC ICE at 202-732-3000!

Sample Script: “Hi, I’m calling to ask that ICE drop the hold on Fabiana Palomo-Muniz (inmate #1064336). Fabiana is a committed member in her church and has been so for the past six years by coordinating a youth ministry program. She is an asset to this community. Please remove the ICE hold and release her immediately.”


The Durham community is at risk of losing yet another dedicated member to deportation. Fabiana Palomo Muniz (inmate #1064336) is a devoted and respected community member who has been in the US for the past eight years and has built a life here with her husband. She is involved with her church and for the past six years has coordinated the Latino Youth Ministry Program at Immaculate Inception Catholic church.

Fabiana Palomo-Muniz

Fabiana Palomo-Muniz

Fabiana was on her way to a training for youth facilitators through her church when she got into a minor traffic accident. When police arrived she was ticketed for the accident and for driving without a license. Fabiana then asked for an interpreter and even tried calling friends of hers to help interpret. However, no one was available and so communication with the police was not clear. 

Fabiana understood that it was fine for her to leave since she had already been given a ticket. Such was not the case and when she tried to leave police arrested her. She is now at Wake County Detention Center facing charges of resisting a police officer with an ICE hold. 

This is a misunderstanding and dedicated community members like Fabiana should not be torn away from their loved ones. It is also important to note that a driver’s license is not an option for Fabiana because the state of North Carolina currently does not allow the undocumented community to apply for one.
Fabiana and her loved ones need your help to get her released! Call ICE at Wake County Detention Center and urge them to drop the ICE hold!

Call Wake County Detention Center at (919) 255-7111, Wake County ICE at (919) 255-7200 and DC ICE at 202-732-3000!

Sample Script: “Hi, I’m calling to ask that ICE drop the hold on Fabiana Palomo-Muniz (inmate #1064336). Fabiana is a committed member in her church and has been so for the past six years by coordinating a youth ministry program. She is an asset to this community. Please remove the ICE hold and release her immediately.”

On November 12th, Pablo was on his way back home from work when he backed into a car. Pablo drove off thinking no damage was done to the car he backed into but frightened because he doesn’t have a driver’s license. He can’t get one. He’s undocumented.

The police showed up at his apartment later that night looking for him. Pablo was arrested for No Operators License. He is currently sitting at Wake County Detention Center with an ICE hold.

According to the President Obama’s Morton Memo, Pablo meets the requirements for prosecutorial discretion. Pablo has been in the United States since 2005 and he has no criminal background. Why is he still detained with an ICE hold?

Act NOW!


Call Wake County Detention Center at (919) 255-7111 and DC ICE at 202-732-3000!

Sample Script: “Hi, I’m calling to ask that ICE drop the hold on Pablo Caballero-Montoya (inmate #1043830). Pablo is committed to working hard so he can sustain his wife and children who are in college. He has nothing but a No Operators License charge. Please remove the ICE hold and release him immediately.” 

Uriel has gone without food for a whole week now. ICE has refused to drop the hold. Uriel needs your support now more than ever. We need to see you at the Vigil for Uriel this evening. It starts at 6:30 pm in front of the Wake County jail. 

SIGN the online petition.


Photo courtesy of La Conexion

Undocumented youth across NC are dropping the fear and taking a stand. We’re coming out about our immigration status because our communities are under attack. This is what Uriel did last Wednesday. He stood up for us and we will stand up for him until he is released. You see, it’s tough to be in that jailhouse. So we need your support, not just in words, but in action. Join us this evening at 6:30 pm in front of Wake County jail. The address is 330 South Salisbury Street in Raleigh. Members of the triad-based immigrant youth group El Cambio will be there. Giovanna, Silvia, and Eric, youth who have also refused to eat until Uriel is released, will be present at this vigil. They too need your support at this time.

If you can’t make it tonight, but want to support, consider making a donation for Uriel’s bond here.

Remember to SIGN and share the online petition, as well.

Thank you for your support!

It’s been well over 100 hours now since Uriel Alberto started a hunger strike inside the Wake County jail where he is being held with an ICE detainer. Continue making those calls to Washington DC ICE at (202) 732-3000. Tell them this: 

“Hi, I was calling to ask that ICE drop the hold on Uriel Alberto (A#089-828-718). According to president Obama, he should not be facing deportation because he is Dream Act eligible. He is the father of a US citizen child and sole caretaker of his sisters. He stood up for his community and should be back home with his family. Please drop the ICE hold NOW!”

Silvia Rodriguez, El Cambio

In the meantime, members of the triad-based youth organization, El Cambio, are on hunger strike in solidarity with Uriel. Along with Giovanna Hurtado, Silvia Rodriguez has also stated she will refuse to eat until Uriel is released.

Uriel has gone over 100 hours without food at the Wake County jail. He stood up for us last Wednesday at a House Committee meeting where anti-immigrant legislators discussed which anti-immigrant law to pass next. You see, this committee wants North Carolina to become the next Alabama. They have already put us on that path by introducing legislation that could ban us from stepping foot into a college or university. Uriel is at Wake County jail at this very moment because he raised his voice and refused to remain in the shadows. Continue making the calls to DC ICE at (202) 732-3000. We cannot stop until he is released.

Sample script:

“Hi, I was calling to ask that ICE drop the hold on Uriel Alberto (A#089-828-718). According to president Obama, he should not be facing deportation because he is Dream Act eligible. He is the father of a US citizen child and sole caretaker of his sisters. He stood up for his community and should be back home with his family. Please drop the ICE hold NOW!”

Thank you for your support!

P.S. Don’t forget to SIGN the petition. Thank you.


February 29, 2022

Contact: Viridiana Martinez    (919)704-0599

Youth Come Out as UNDOCUMENTED and UNAFRAID in NC Legislature


Undocumented Youth Face Anti-Immigrant Committee in NC Legislature

As the newly developed Standing House Committee on the State’s Role on Immigration works on drafting a comprehensive anti-immigrant plan for NC, undocumented youth are determined to drop the fear and face the members of this committee by showing up at the committee’s meeting and making themselves heard.

“My name is Uriel Alberto; I am undocumented, unafraid, and unashamed!” Uriel is an undocumented youth who is determined to be present at the committee’s meeting. When asked why he simply states “I refuse to be bullied and intimidated by this committee and choose to empower my community.”

This will be the third of a total of six meetings that this committee will have. These committee meetings are open to the public and like in the past two meetings a large number of anti-immigrant supporters are expected. The environment that these undocumented youth will be in will be a hostile one.

NC DREAM Team and other undocumented youth will show presence in tomorrow’s meeting in an effort to stop the spread of Arizona SB 1070 copycats across the south and a possible similar bill draft for NC.

Where: 16 West Jones St. Raleigh, NC 27601; ROOM 643 Legislative Office Building,

When: 1:00 pm, 2-29-2012

What: Undocumented Youth Face Anti-Immigrant Committee in NC Legislature

Who: NC DREAM Team

# # #

José Rico (919) 802-0508

Cowards in the General Assembly Propose Bill Attacking Children
NC DREAM Team vows to stop the attacks on undocumented youth

RALEIGH, NC—Although not a single “restrictionist” bill in the General Assembly has addressed the biggest employers of undocumented immigrants in the state—state farms—several bills have attacked school children and college students. By proposing HB 744, a bill that would force students to reveal their status to school officials, North Carolina legislators are telling undocumented immigrants working and living in our state that they are good enough to pick its residents’ food, but not good enough to sit next to them in class.

“Our communities are under attack,” said Viridiana Martinez, an undocumented immigrant who has been an active fighter for immigrant rights. “We will expose this nasty bill and everyone behind it.”

Anti-immigrant groups frequently lament the 1982 Supreme Court decision of Plyler V. Doe, which protects the right of undocumented students to attend public education through high school. However, legislators in the segregationist South have begun to find new ways to direct their prejudice at school children. The Alabama State Senate passed a bill that would ban undocumented immigrants from attending extracurricular activities like prom and afterschool sports. NC Republicans also refused to make an exception in the Matricula Consular bill, HB 33, for educators to accept the Matricula to identify the parents of children at the school, both citizen and non-citizen.

Earlier this month, US Department of Education had to remind school districts of their obligation to provide an equal education to undocumented immigrant children. The DOE released a letter (co-signed by the Department of Justice) stating that “Recently, we have become aware of student enrollment practices that may chill or discourage the participation, or lead to the exclusion, or students based on their or their parents’ or guardians’ actual or perceived citizenship or immigration status. These practices contravene Federal law.”

Requiring children to register their immigration status with their schools will inevitably result in discrimination, harassment or exclusion. Plain and simple, the legislators who support these bills are unprincipled cowards.


By José Torres-Don

Last Thursday’s vigil was an opportunity for all of us to reflect on our current situation in North Carolina as an immigrant community. The vigil was held at the same place where just a year before three young women declared a hunger strike challenging all of us to believe and push for our dreams. At the time, they demanded for Senator Hagan to hear their frustration. Needless to say, the Senator did not measure up to the trust and confidence placed in her. However, this time around we came together in support of the seven undocumented youth, two from the NC DREAM Team, who last Tuesday intentionally risked deportation in Atlanta, Georgia through a civil disobedience action. The seven youth demanded that Georgia State University President refuse the ban on undocumented students attending the university. This was the first direct action by undocumented youth since the DREAM Act failed to pass in the Senate. It was an important one-since then our immigrant communities have been under attack at the local level, where we feel it the most, and the only support we hear from a supposedly immigrant-friendly administration is an irresponsible and faint commitment to not deport us.

J. Valas

More than anything, the vigil was a celebration of the undocumented youth empowerment felt throughout the state. We all felt the risk of the action taken, but as we stood there united, we understood clearly the greater risk in maintaining the status quo. We were all reminded that in North Carolina, our urgency is such that our own friends are willing to risk it all in order to give us all our voice back and to not be afraid to stand up and speak our own truth. We reflected on their strength to look fear in the eye and push and lead us to understand our own power. We felt it. We understood our cause at its very core. We welcomed our responsibility to keep pushing ahead for undocumented youth and our parents so that we heal through self-empowerment. This was especially felt when Jose Rico’s family spoke up about their support for him and how proud they were about his leadership and courage.

That night, we renewed our commitment to this fight that at times seems endless but worth it because our dignity and humanity are priorities. To say the least, the courage of the seven undocumented youth is inspiring and the empowerment liberating. Through them we were are all able to scream and now shoulder to shoulder we free ourselves from whatever fear we may have because nothing is more contagious than courage.

Please join us in  Raleigh on Thursday, April 7, for a Community Vigil for Immigrant Rights at 6:30 p.m.

We’ll be convening at the corner of Wilmington and Lane Streets downtown, where three brave undocumented young women from our team participated in a 13-day hunger strike last June. One of them, Viridiana Martinez, was arrested along with the Georgia 7 yesterday. Why?

“Rallying and protesting are no longer enough. Remaining in the shadows is no longer acceptable.”

Let’s not allow any more politicians like Senator Kay Hagan, who killed the DREAM Act in December, to continue dictating the reality facing the undocumented community. Everyday we see another family torn apart by deportation for nothing more than going to work or school. Everyday we see another dream deferred because of unjust educational opportunities. Everyday we see another worker denied a fair wage because of their legal status. We can no longer keep quiet. We’ve drawn a line. Whose side will you fall on? Those that are filled with hate and prejudice? Or those that are willing to stand up for justice and fight for the rights of our undocumented communities?

Please join us tomorrow, and tell a friend. El pueblo unido jamás será vencido.

In a plea to lawmakers yesterday, the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC laments the “Democratic leadership in Raleigh” for not passing “comprehensive enforcement legislation”. That’s probably because Republicans control both the North Carolina House and Senate.

While ALIPAC’s release focuses entirely on legislation, it blames the Democratic governor, I guess. It never mentions her by name (I won’t either, since they didn’t).

North Carolina is having a hard time with its budget, and as ALIPAC points out, “lawmakers are aiming to make billions of dollars in cuts to the state budget which will have a dramatic impact on many North Carolina citizens including teachers, health care professionals, and state workers”. However, if they’re looking for lawmaking to happen, they ought to take it up with the Republicans who are currently in charge of putting forward legislation.

“Over thirty states have enacted significant immigration enforcement measures with comprehensive enforcement legislation passed in places like Georgia, Arizona, South Carolina, and Oklahoma.” said William Gheen, probably quoting himself. “These states report gradual, humane, and significant declines in their illegal alien populations. North Carolina needs to follow their example. Those state’s [sic] are no longer paying billions in taxes for illegals.”

Totally humane. This was humane, too. So was this. Oh, yeah, and this? More power is exactly what police need.

Tax revenue is something states receive, not pay, and those states are receiving billions in revenue from undocumented immigrants. While ALIPAC admits that undocumented immigrants do pay some taxes (hey, credit where credit is due), “they collectively consume much more than they pay in tax resources through their use of food stamps, unemployment, welfare, educational resources, law enforcement resources [and] medicaid”. Except that the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRIRA 96) requires proof of citizenship for public benefits, so undocumented immigrants don’t get any of those things. And while they leave out that (also since 1996) the Internal Revenue Service has been issuing Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers to undocumented immigrants for the purpose of paying income tax, there’s no service that undocumented immigrants have not rightfully paid for.

Just to hammer things down, a 2007 study carried out by the White House Council of Economic Advisors determined that undocumented immigrants pay (on average) $80,000 more than they use in public services.

There’s some info to take to Raleigh.

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